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Customizing chemotherapy drugs to your genetics, not just your tumor type or location

Customizing chemotherapy drugs to your genetics, not just your tumor type or location

This sounds so promising. It’s a real breakthrough in thinking about cancer, the kind I think we need if we are going to get anywhere with combatting it once it takes hold. (As you know I am a strong advocate of extensive screening, but nowadays, we still let cancers take hold before we notice them.)


A very fresh take on cancer

A very fresh take on cancer

It seems that we respond uniquely to chemo agents depending on our own genetics. Personalized chemo is the way of the future.

I found the part about a blood test that detects solid tumors very exciting. I wonder how early it would catch them, though. It’s not made clear in the article.

I have friends who are in clinical trials and still needing more effective treatments, Yet alive and well. It is my deepest hope that all of us who are in limbo with cancer now will benefit from this new stuff. It can’t happen fast enough for me.

I wish we spent all that Mars money on cancer instead.

More support for screening

LA Times: Terrible numbers for Latino women and cervical cancer. This is solveable!

I knew a Salvadoran whose cousin had a node the size of a filbert before she was diagnosed. She died of cervical cancer; had never had a Pap test.

Wired article asserts early detection is crucial to winning against cancer

“Why Early Detection Is the Best Way to Beat Cancer” by Thomas Goetz

This brilliant piece advocates for finding simple screening methods so that eventually, every cancer can be caught at Stage 1 and before. This would mean most cancers would be easily cured.

Anal cancer patients are far too often diagnosed late because a simple screening had not been conducted annually in adulthood: the digital rectal exam. People don’t want this exam. They avoid it. I didn’t even know women were supposed to get the exam, and hadn’t had one until I found a tumor on my anus and went to the doctor to find out what it was. My doctor examined it with a gloved finger said it was not cancer. A month later I went back because the tumor was 5cm wide, and she didn’t even do an exam. She just gave me or itch cream. By the time I got a real diagnosis from a real doctor, a few weeks later, My rectum was blocked and my liver was full of metastatic tumors.

This was very very bad. It should not have happened to me and should not happen to anyone else.

Screening is key. Don’t be an idiot and reject a digital rectal exam because you or your doctor finds it distasteful. I am here to tell  you that is pure lunacy.