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HPV Vaccination Reduces the Risk of Infection Even After a Previous Case of the Disease, Study Suggests


This is wild. Never again. No more food from BPA containers!

Now they say the chemical interferes with chemotherapy.

Another Paclitaxel study on squamous cell cancers–and good results

This was done quite a while back.

Will cannabis have its day in (chemo) port?

Sure looks good. I had Stage 4 cancer for a year and a half and smoked marijuana nightly. I still do. I’ve been free of disease since 3/09, and my liver was free of mets earlier, by 6/08. I am only an anecodote–a single person whose case means nothing.

But do read this:

This Year’s Take on Metastatic Anal Cancer (2012)

Well-done round-up of where we are with metastatic SCAC.

He found Hainsworth’s study the “most encouraging.”

“The most encouraging results have been demonstrated in a phase II single arm study of paclitaxel, carboplatin, and continuous infusional 5FU in patients with advanced squamous carcinomas (
𝑛 = 6 0
) from multiple primary sites, given first or second line. Seven patients with SCC of the anus were included, of these four responded, two of whom had a complete response. The patients with a complete response then received consolidation radiotherapy to the primary tumour. The median duration of response in the anal subgroup was 26 months (range 10–63+) [14]. “

oral cancer in young women on the rise

My nutritionist at City of Hope noticed the trend and checked with the medical oncologists. She was right. That was in 2008.

the role of hpv in scc?

Now researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found that a single HPV protein is required for cervical cancer and even pre-cancer growths in the cervix to survive.